Jennica Garcia At Alwyn Uytingco Nagdiwang Na Ng Kanilang Anniversary Sa Divisoria Habang Sakay Ng Tricycle

Jennica and Alwin are just some of the celebrity couples that their fans are fond of because of being true and simple of their relationship in spite of being a celebrity. Jennica is the daughter of the veteran actress Jean Garcia. Presently they have two children and their firstborn was born last 2015 while the second was born last year. Their life is not hidden from the public because they often share their stories through social media.

Recently, they have become viral and the talk of the town again because of their wedding anniversary celebration at Divisoria. It is shown in the photo by Jennica that they are riding on Alwin’s tricycle and simple wearing ordinary clothes. There is nothing to be seen that she is wearing makeup on her face and her hair has just tied up.

According to the actress, they decided to celebrate their anniversary at Divisoria and also to choose what they needed in their store of plants and called it “duwendeinapot”. This is one of their business as a couple. After shopping, they went to the fast food and eat their lunch and again ride the tricycle carrying their purchased goods that almost did not fit into their tricycle. The two also decided to the LRT on board to get home early and avoid the traffic.

The caption of Jennica in the photos she shared on her Instagram.

“Marami-rami rin ang tao sa LRT pero ayos lang ang importante ay makakauwi kami bago mag 6PM dahil papatulugin at papaliguan pa ang mga bata. An Anniversary spent ANYWHERE is fine with me as long as I spend it with you. Last year was the hardest in our marriage. It was our toughest so far but our never changing God did not fail us and remained faithful.

According to Jennica, she loves her husband Alwin over time and whenever thee like takes them and whatever they experience they will help them to overcome as long as they are together. These words really excite the netizens and they say true relationship goals are the couple, Jennica and Alwin.

What can you say about this? Are you inspired by their simple lifestyle in spite of being a celebrity? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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