Isang Babae Ang Kakain Na Sana Ng Nabili Niyang Balut Pero Ito Ang Bumungad Matapos Niyang Balatan

Many foreign nationals love the Philippines because of the exotic beauty in people and the country itself. But there is one that makes them curious about the exotic food of Filipino people, the “Balut”. It is common street food, it is a popular exotic food to the foreigners but for the Filipinos, it is good and tasty stuff. It is a fertilized duck egg, normally a mallard duck, it is either boiled or steamed and excellent eaten by consuming it as a whole. On the other hand, one netizen shared her encounters with this well known native food “Balut”. It is better to buy the food 100 percent cook.

The lady began posting the picture of the uncooked balut purchased by her mother at the public market. She was not aware that it is not cooked initially, but upon peeling the hard shell, she heard a unique sound like a bird, chirping inside the shell. She thought that her mother has a young chicken in the house, but then as she observes the Balut she holds, she understands that the sound was coming from the Balut she holds. When the little duckling had come out of the shell, she was relaxed because it has a life.

Since she does not know about this matter, she asked her mother. Her mother suggested her to incubate the duckling by using a light bulb. She supplicated that the duckling would recover immediately and it was a success! She was so proud of herself that she decided to make the duckling survive from the premature condition of coming out of the shell. She is proudly showcasing the cute duckling and clearly, she did a great job and giving life to a duckling.

Many netizens complimented her for the good job she did for the duckling. And it is the best decision she made to take care of the duckling rather than throwing it to the trash can. Presently she has a unique and cute pet duckling that will make a remembrance for her great job to save the life of this little duckling.

What can you say about the perseverance of the girl to take care of the little duckling? Are you inspired and encouraged to take care of a creature who needs extreme care? kindly share your comments and reactions with us.

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