Kilalanin Ang Agaw Pansin Na Anak Ni Raffy Tulfo Ngayon Sa Social Media

Being a parent is a great responsibility, but a father to your children is tougher especially to your daughter. It is a great challenge for a father on how you nurture, take care and raise your children as they getting older. being a father, you must be dependable and could support all the needs of your family especially your children.

This is what you experience of becoming a father to your children and to your family. It is also the experience of the tough-talking broadcast journalist Raffy Tulfo. Although he was famous to be a straightforward and frank person, not all people understand the real character and traits of being a loving father to his children particularly to his daughter Maricel.


The well-known radio program of Raffy Tulfo, “Wanted Sa Radyo” is oftentimes the talk of the town and making many rounds online because of his courage by his words and actions against the mistakes of the culprit.


Many people trust and hopeful through his Radio program. He always being frank to all the people who did not accept their mistakes and wrongdoings on his program.

Although he is straight forward and franks, no one would think that this tough and courageous man is a very sweet and loving father to his children on and off-camera. His daughter Maricel had exposed that her father was a very loving and merciful father.

From the start of her childhood, she was already treated by her father very special She was her Daddy’s girl. She is very pretty and stunning, it is not surprising that she had an astonishing Daddy just what she revealed.


Maricel, the daughter of Raffy Tulfo is not frightened to tell anything and everything to her Daddy even to her personal life. She also revealed that her Daddy was very different in front of the camera compared when they were all together with family, relatives, and friends.



She considers her Daddy as her best friend. Although, there is some rough and difficult period for two of them they tried to find a solution at the earliest time.

What can you say about this? Do you admire the toughness and courage of Raffy Tulfo in front of the camera? how about his kindness and being a loving father towards his children and family? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.


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