Nilabas Na Ni Kathryn Bernardo Ang Dahilan Kung Bakit Ayaw Niya Na Makasama Ni Daniel Padilla Si Nadine Lustre

The two famous Kapamilya love teams KathNiel and JaDine caught the hearts and attention of many fans and supporters of the said love teams. There are many fans and supporters from both the love team are very excited to see the swapping of love teams partners to do a movie.


That is why when Kathryn Bernardo has become the guest in the Late night show of the King of Talk Boy Abunda featured a game regarding the possible Daniel Padilla’s leading ladies for the future project.



But it is not surprising that various netizens show their reaction regarding her response when the picture of Nadine Lustre was displayed.




The Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo confessed by the previous interview that she does not like her on-screen love team partner and boyfriend Daniel Padilla to have a project with her fellow Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre.


It was found out that the admission of Kathryn was made during the recent interview in the talk show program of Boy Abunda where the pretty actress was the guest on that episode.



At the show, it displayed various photos of Daniel Padilla’s possible leading ladies for the future movies and Kathryn was questioned is he accepts or not.


Nadine, Kathryn Bernardo’s look-alike, and rival were displayed on the screen and quickly shared her response regarding the question.


She is very honest and bravely answers that she does not like to have a collaboration or being together with her onscreen love team and boyfriend Daniel Padilla in a project to avoid upcoming issues and controversies and may cause problems between their fans.

The Teen star also explained that Nadine Lustre did a movie without James Reid as her partner and presently she does not require a partner to have a new project.


Kathryn jokingly responded.

“Goodbye na para tahimik na yung parehong fans,”

Kathryn furthered.

“Okay na kasi parang mas nag i-individual na din na movie si Nadine and I don’t think kailangan niya ng partner ngayon. Parang nae-enjoy niya yung freedom na yun,”



Due to her brave and straightforward response, various netizens quickly shared their reactions and comments upon viewing the interesting interview of the Teen Queen Star Kathryn Bernardo.

A few of the netizens praise the actress for being professional and matured while others understand that she was a concern with their fans and supporters.

“Sobrang honest and cute niya sumagot. Para no fan war na hahaha so pretty!”

“Gusto ko mga answers ni Kath lalo na yung kila James at Nadine. Naintindihan niya mga fandoms niya na baka magkagulo then sabi nya ayaw nya daw ng gulo.”

“I like the way she complimented Nadine. Kaya sana wala ng away away sa kanya-kanyang fandom.”


Kathryn Bernardo serves as a guest on the show of Boy Abunda and presently promoting her movie along with
Alden Richards new film “Hello, Love, Goodbye” and will be coming on July 31, 2019.

What can you say about this? Do you agree with the response of Kathryn to the question of Boy Abunda? Do you admire the bravery of Kathryn Bernardo on how she responded and explained her reason? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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