Ito Pala Ang 6 Na Dahilan Kung Bakit Magaa Kang Tinutubuan Ng Puting Buhok

Our hair is naturally white when we are getting older. But the question of some is why they have white hair when they are still young. It may be thought that it is inherited or may be due to the product being treated or used.

But the biggest question is how to prevent this increase of white hair. Here and find out the hidden reasons why you are going to have white hair and how it can be avoided.

Here are the reasons why white hair appears and grows rapidly.

1. Genetics or inherited
It is true that when your parent has white hair at their young age it is also a great chance to experience it at an early age. Scientists have found that early white hair growth is caused by genetics.


2. Health Issues and Thyroid Problems

If a person is stricken with a severe illness over a long period of time, you should expect him to have white hair sooner or later. People with problems with their thyroid are the same.


3. Stress
People who experience severe stress in their daily lives will have a higher chance of having white hair ahead of time. This is because stress increases the aging of the body.


4. Vitamin B12 deficiency

The lack of this vitamin can speed up white hair growth. So even if you’re a kid but having vitamin B12 deficiency you can now have white hair.

5. Lack of Nutrition

Being healthy is based on what the food you eat. If your food is not healthy and your diet is wrong, your nutrition will have a deficiency in the body. Signs of inadequate nutrition can be detected in your hair.


6. Smoking

According to studies, people who smoke will have 4 times the chance to experience early white hair growth. So if you do not want to look old sooner or later, avoid smoking cigarettes or tobacco.


Here are some tips on how to avoid white hair growth at an early age.

1. Potato peel

Before throwing potatoes peels, you can boil it for 25 minutes to make natural hair darkening dye. The starches on the peel of the potato serve as a colorant that gradually darkening the hair. After boiling is filtered and cooled before applying to the hair.

2. Onion extract or juice

The onion extract or juice is rich in enzyme catalase that darkens the roots of the hair. Just extract the onion until the juice comes out and apply it to your scalp. Leave in 40 minutes before rinse. Apply 2 times a week.


3. Coconut oil and Lemon Juice

Mixed coconut oil and lemon juice that can keep pigment cells in your hair follicles. You need to apply the mixture to your hair 2 times a week.

4. Reduce stress in your body

Not only does your hair whiten when you are stressed. Because it is possible to cause hair loss. To avoid this, relax the body and take the time for a vacation.


5. Eat Properly and regularly

Healthy eating habits include eating foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

6. Avoid smoking cigarettes or tobacco


In many aspects, it is bad for health so it should be avoided.

7. Avoid strong shampoos and hair products.

What can you say about this? Do you experience such whitening of hair at a young age? Do you want to try the above advice? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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