Nagkita Muli Ang Dating Magkasintahan At Mahal Pa Rin Nila Ang Isa’t Isa, Pero Ano Nga Ba Ang Mananaig Sa Puso Nilang Dalawa

The sun was so high and it is the first day of school, so Athea early left their house. She would like to go ahead of the chair and see classmates because at last, she will go to college.

“Wow! You’re really college, Athea, that’s it. You will be able to accomplish all your dreams so you need focus, focus focus, Athena! ”


She said as she walked in.

“Get beside!”


A man shouted from afar. She could not see where he was from, and she just looked at her and hit the girl.

“Ouch!” Athea complained as she fell into the cement.

“I say to set aside, freshman really! In the future do not be stup1d so that you will not suffer an accident, ”

The man replied to the man who had also fallen into the force of their collision.

“You are Stup1d , 1st year but I’m older than you! You have no respect! ”

She shouted at the man and took the skateboard and kicked it. She picked up her bag and approached the man.

“Learn to use your skateboard that you have not made an accident and most of all do not let shout out the freshman!”

She said as she stepped into the man.

The young man quickly stood up and reached out her hand,

“I’m sorry, I’m Jack, do not be mad at me Ms. Pretty, ”

He said.

Then they looked and the romance started. Love at first bump if they joke each other. Almost every day they are together and their future families will grow into their minds. They love each other, you can recognize them at first glance at the couple.

So it was Jack’s who first graduated and because they were separated and not together, their relationship was tested. The foundation of trust and love is also beyond the power of love and the love of Jack because of another woman has finished their story.


“Two wintermelon with pearl, 50% sugar level,”

Athea said while queuing at the counter of a milk tea shop and getting money in her purse.


Asked the gentleman cashier.

“Yes, Athea for both drinks,”

She replied to the man.

“Athea, Jack is this,”

Said the man and Athea quickly lifted his head to look at the man. Her chest burst and suddenly she smiled.

“Oh my God! I thought you’re asking for a name for milk tea, sorry! You’re Jack’s, you’ve got my order to talk to, ”

She said, giving her money. Jack did not accept it and said he was waiting for the table.

They talked to each other and were as comfortable as ever. Until the conversation was over, Athea knew that there was a deeper look at both of them.

“Why so? After two years of separation, I thought I had forgotten you and received everything. But why so? We still love Jack, ”

Athea admitted to the man.


“I thought I just felt that way, I love you too much, and if I could just return everything I did not want to ruin or hurt because I did not want to spend the day without you,”

Jack said to the girl as he faced her.

Come with me Athea, let’s go. Let’s leave here, we live in the province or elsewhere just with me, ”

Said the man again.

“But how is your child, Jack?”

Athea asked the man.

“I’ll just support him, I’ll send money as long as I’m with you. I do not even think that I’m not living with you, I love you so much, Athea, and I cannot even let you go, ”

Said the young man and then kissed the girl.

At the same time, Athea kissed him and ended the night as she gave them tears and warmth of their love. Their emotions are screaming to despise all the two together.

The woman looked at Jack as he slept. He started carrying things. The next morning the young man woke up with Athea aside and left a letter.

“We’ve been separated for two years but when we meet again we feel like nothing has changed. You’re still the man I want to beat in anger, you’re still the man I loved, you’re still my Jack. But I’m not your Athena anymore, maybe not.


I love you very much Jack but I cannot imagine that your child will hustle me when it comes to the day because you left him for me. There is nothing wrong with our two friends, but it is wrong if we fight for it, if we continue our daring relationship.

You have a family and even harder you will have to uphold your commitment to their lifetime. I will also have a family and I will love them too. But do not worry because you cannot get rid of my heart again. Goodbye Jack, until we are here, it’s the end, ”

The letter left by the woman.

The man was just crying and embracing the pillow used by Athea last night. She’s right, she’s a teenager and if she can do it right now it’s a good father to his child.

Jack immediately went home to his house and sought the baby from hugging it. He does not even think that the mother of the child loves her as much as her love for Athea but he is sure that she is now in something. He should not fool her, especially her wife did nothing but put them first.


What can you say about this? Did you learn a lesson from this story? Do you prioritize your family? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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